Tuesday 22 September 2009

baaa baaa black sheep, have you any wool?

In the January sales this year I bought a whole whack of summer-weight yarn at John Lewis on Oxford Street. I don't know what possessed me to buy a billion balls of cotton yarn, but for some mad reason I did! I think that I may have been going through a knitting phase.

Every few months I pick up my needles and get some yarn and start some project that is bound to either be a rush job or sit unfinished in a bag somewhere. It is not that I don't love knitting, I do...I have made a plethora of scarves and fingerless gloves and....did I mention scarves? But those big projects like sweaters and socks (even socks!) and blankets and well anything that takes more than a week inevitably will lose my attention.

And for some strange reason I felt the need to buy all these mismatched balls of cotton yarn. Cotton is strange, it loses its shape easily, it slides on the needles in a weird way, and very few patterns (in the shape of what I can knit) call for 100% cotton.

Having embraced my housewife status and set to task cleaning and cooking and growing and shopping it is only natural that I have fallen back into my knitting. Wanting to create something for my new house, for me and David to share, to treasure, I have decided to make a sort of patchwork/sampler blanket. I've taken a great book out from the library to help me with my patterns and textures for the squares and have set myself a goal of one square for every two days. I am working by the gauge of the yarn and am keeping the squares to 4x4, like a gauge sampler...

Let's see how it grows!

This picture was taken on Friday September 19th...two more squares have been added in the meantime!!!


  1. I'm enjoying your blog....kudos to you for choosing to return to some of our forgotten arts/past-times.
    "Mrs Beeton" has not yet completely disappeared !!!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I do hope that "Mrs. Beeton" will continue to be updated and modernised and never disappear!