Monday 20 September 2010

Butter Tarts...yearning for a Canadian fall

It is that time of year again...the last few lingering days of summer sun struggling to heat up the day and the almost in-your-face wall of cold that comes earlier and earlier each night.  Cool crisp mornings, sweaters and jeans, and mittens at kind of day! I love love love this transition period between summer and fall...infact I have been secretly counting down the days.  I know I know I know...I live in England, surely every summer day is like this...but...believe it or isn't.  This past summer we've had a pretty good spat of hot days and not too much rain...but I've just been waiting and waiting for now!!

Oh so many lovely treats come with the arrival of fall...corn on the cob, acron squash, slow cooked stews, chocolate pecan pie...and the best best best bit....BUTTER TARTS! Here in the UK butter tarts just don't exist.  I mean...of course they don't...they are quintessentially Canadian...which means if I want one I gotta make em!

I like to think that butter tart recipes are closely guarded family treasures.  Back in Toronto I used to volunteer with a group of older women who told me that everyone's recipe is different, PLUS there was also the debate over runny vs. thicker filling, raisens vs. pecans, depth of the many things to consider.

Well...I'll admit I don't have an old family recipe, but I am determined to introduce my version (borrowed from The New Canadian Basics cookbook) as a staple here in my UK world.  I've not made these tarts since moving in with David and so....there was a slight overflow of filling...mostly because I wasn't sure how deep the tart shells would be when I made them in my muffin tins (I need to invest in some loosebased tart shell tins), but the taste and texture were totally heavenly!!!


  1. well dont keep the recipe from us? or if you do, then at least send me one!!! I also LOVE this time of year... I can smell the Autumn and its on its way... lovely x

  2. they look fabulous.....and --- i think if you write to your Gma Kay...she'd disclose the recipe for HER famous butter tarts which she still makes to take to "seniors",,,,,

    Yeah Canada!! eh?


  3. Oh, Victoria...
    I can't believe you haven't been given the Anderson family recipe for butter tarts.
    I almost plotzed when we were in England and were passed on the Motorway by a Lyle's Golden Syrup truck. Just like milk trucks back home. That's the secret ingredient and thick is the way to go!

  4. Hey girl, I finally am here for a visit. Please share this recipe.... the tarts look divine.

  5. Dom...i suppose the only way to get these tarts to become a staple here in the UK to share the recipe...soon soon i promise!

    Mummi...yeah canada indeed!!! will write to Gma!

    Auntie Lori...I don't know why i don't have it...i used maple for these ones, but Lyles is my usual choice!

    Moogie...welcome back!! xx recipe on its way x