Thursday 25 November 2010

The Girl who played with Beetroot...

Hardly an attention grabbing title for a thrilling Swedish novel, but I can't help it...I've been totally engrossed in the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson.  Oddly enough, as I sit here on my IKEA sofa surrounded by IKEA furniture I have to giggle at the recent Swedish references popping up in my life...I only wish I was able to say that I have been to visit, but alas I have not.  My brother has been, a friend of a friend studied at Uppsala, and there are countless references to famous Swedes in the novels and magazines I read...surely this is a sign (hint hint David...) As the days get colder and with the increasing chance of snow (it is coming...this weekend...) I thought I would try a "Scandinavian-style" dish I've been drooling over in an old copy of Delicious. 

This dish is easy peasy, if you can get your hands on beetroot (which, believe me was more of a problem than I could ever imagine).  The ingredients are...beetroot, creme fraiche (or sour cream), dill and meatballs! The original recipe gave directions for making your own meatballs: ground pork, breadcrumbs, dill, finely chopped onion, a touch of double cream, and lemon zest...but I cheated and bought Swedish-style pork meatballs (they were on-sale and half the price of the ground pork I would have bought...budget budget). you peel and cut into chunks enough beetroot for the number of people you are serving, toss with olive oil and roast in 180 C oven for about 25 mins...then you add the meatballs (store bought or home made) drizzle a LITTLE oil over top and bake for a further 25-30 mins, until beetroot is tender and meatballs are cooked through.  Finally, stir through a good dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream and sprinkle with dill.  I served with buttered steamed new potatoes. 


  1. i'm off to IKEA on Monday, so we'll soon see x

  2. I think the most important thing with beetroot is to wear gloves! I learnt this lesson the hard way - sort of mistake you make only once

  3. I read the Larsson trilogy recently too. Real page turners! Did you know there is a parody out now called the Dragon with the girl tattoo? I heard about it on the radio last night and there is a character in it (maybe it is the dragon) called Salamander. There was a play on the first name too but I was half asleep.