Sunday 30 January 2011

Chocolate Cake for the end of a busy week

Well, I was trying very hard to implement a self-imposed baking ban...but I've had a tiring week and on Thursday I thought...hey....I am going to bake a cake this weekend!!

But what to bake? Something chocolate, something with icing, something completely naughty, but something easy and cheap! Since I've been working full time I've just wanted comfort with little effort (and...butter is fricking expensive!) so I settled on this easy chocolate cake from Martha Stewart!! Completely easy and I love baking with sour it was...perfect!! 

Topped with her easy chocolate glaze (oh so easy and soooo yummy) and served with lashings of cream (or more and more sour cream) this cake totally topped off my week!!!


  1. this recipe sounds easy to put together....I'll definitely be trying it out --- can't go wrong when ganache is involved!!!


  2. Lovely looking cake, is the glaze just like a ganache? I made some lovely, moist cupcakes the other day and iced them with chocolate fudge frosting, my husband finds it too rich so I'm looking for something less full on!
    I do the baking ban thing too, all the time ;)

  3. Mummi...totally easy!!!! I might try a mix of milk and dark chocolate for the ganache next was very rich from the dark choc (more cream on top solves that!!)

    LilaVanilla...the glaze is ganache!! so easy compared to butter cream! I'm going to add chocolate chips into the batter next time too!! mmmm baking bans are necessary, but oh so hard! xx