Monday 6 February 2012

Carrot I'm bored moment

Sunday afternoon...the sun is shining...laundry is done...bread is proofing...hubby content...all caught up on my Danish dramas...what to do!? 

I hadn't planned on baking cakes this was (meant to be) all about the yeast...but then I got caught with a MAJOR case of the boreds.  Bored bored bored...nothing to watch on tv...the book I am reading is horrible...nothing to knit...nothing nothing nothing to do (well I guess I could have scrubbed the grout in the bathroom) I wandered into the kitchen and aimlessly flipped through the most recent edition of delicious magazine...bored bored bored...carrot cake!! I have about 2kg of carrots in my crisper drawer just screaming to be out they came...and then it was time to get creative! And I mean it!!

The recipe that caught my eye was Paul Hollywood's...but...there were a few things that I was missing from the ingredient I used my honed 21st Century Urban Housewife skills and adapted the recipe to what I happened to have in the cupboard (which was pretty much bare!...poor urban mother hubbard)!  

Self Raising Flour became 1/3 white flour, 1/3 whole wheat and 1/3 rye flour
1tsp baking powder became 1 1/2  heaping tsps
Nuts became sultanas
Satsuma zest became orange and lemon zest
I went a bit heavier on the mixed spice and ginger and less on the cinnamon
I upped the oil by 25ml because of the whole wheat and rye flours
I was tempted to throw in some wheat germ...but stopped there...

Once cooled I mixed up some icing sugar and milk and gave it a quick glaze, which makes the top have a nice crunch.  

You know what?! It is pretty darn good if I do say so myself! When I eat it I feel super smug...smug because wholewheat and rye flours make it feel healthy...smug because I adapted the recipe to suit my needs...smug because it turned out...and smug because it is all MINE! 


  1. Very creative---I love a good carrot cake, and if it's healthy, all the better!

  2. ah there's nothing better than boredom cake...especially when you don't have the full ingredient list... it makes it so exciting!

  3. Looks great - I love it when an adapted recipe works out as well as you hope and better. Even more satisfying when it helps use up a glut/accumulation of ingredients!

  4. I get days like that! Boredom usually always leads to baking, so something good comes from it! LOVELY looking carrot cake. Karen

  5. Mmmmmm, looks good too.


  6. Perfect! I do love a great carrot cake, yours sounds delicious and as Sue says healthy too, so that's an extra slice for me please!

  7. I love carrot cake, one of my favourite cakes! I would love a slice of your cake :)


  8. and.....smug cause you managed to avoid scrubbing the grout!!!! good girl!

    your very healthy boredom cake looks dee-lish!,,,i'll be expecting a fresh cake when I arrive....


  9. Cake beats grout every time! I like your alterations, to be honest it sounds much moister than the original - definitely a keeper x