Monday, 8 February 2010

Lazy Sunday Breakfast

When David and I were at university in Portsmouth we used to treat ourselves to a greasy fry-up Sunday mornings at the local Wetherspoons pub...literally 25 meters down the street.  Once we moved away from the centre of town it became too far to walk for what was, essentially, a lazy Sunday breakfast.  Now that we live together we are even lazier on a Sunday and rarely a) treat ourselves to breakfast (even the cafes are closed on Sundays in our little town) and b) can't be bothered to go through the song and dance of a proper Full English Breakfast. 

This week was different...I had spontaneously picked up a package of Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Sausages (on sale....dramatically on sale) and thought that I would pull up my socks and treat David (and me) to a proper Lazy Sunday Full English Breakfast!

I've had better sausages.  I was not that impressed, and have had much better vegetarian sausages in restaurants.  In fact, when we DO make the effort to have breakfast out, I often will order the vegetarian breakfast...more veggies and often an extra egg for the same price!

I have not been turned off the idea of buying veggie sausages, infact having now tasted the "premium" veggie sausage I am keen to try other supermarket varieties...I'll let you know!


  1. I never tried the veggie sausages, but I crave for a full english breakfast!!!
    and yours looks delicious!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, always sooo nice!

  2. I love breakfast food, morning, noon, and night. This looks delish.

  3. Annalisa...there is something so fulfilling and comforting about a Full English! Most veggie suasages taste like regular sausages in my opinion (your daughter might like them!) too! I cuold have breakfast anytime. I LOVE pancakes or french toast for dinner....mmmmmmm yum!