Thursday, 11 February 2010

WEDDING SPOTLIGHT...The Perfect Shoes!

This week has been non-stop and it is all catching up on me...I woke up this morning with a full-on sinus cold! It HAS to be down to a combination of house guests, travelling into London twice in 3 days, little sleep and getting excited for Lee's visit...oh and the wedding of course!!

Yesterday Lee and I travelled into London to meet up with her mum who's come over from Canada for 4 days just to see her!! (awwwww)...Other than the most important task of meeting up with Lee's mama the numero uno mission on my list was trying my hardest to find the most perfect shoes for the wedding. 

In preparation I have been looking at about a billion internet sites of the shoe stores in the area we were going to be hanging out in London...

Bridal shoes must be one of the hardest purchases of this whole process.  Lee will tell you how many times I have changed my mind over the last couple of months (buying the shoes together has always been on the cards) from all white bridal heels, to bright colourful wedges to....well anything really! She went into the search yesterday with an open mind...we both did...

And then? The first shoes I tried on? I LOVED!!!

Do not frett...this girl isn't wearing a traditional white wedding dress...but you will just have to wait to see that! xo


  1. AWESOME!!!!Love them, you've a great taste for fashion!
    :) I'm sure you look wonderful in them!
    Can't wait to see the rest..ehehe, I'm sure bloglanders are just too curious about this forthcoming wedding! :)


  2. That is one great pair of shoes! I admit I am very curious about your non traditional dress.
    So much fun that you are sharing your journey with us.

  3. Annalisa...thank you! they are totally fabulous! I can't wait to wear them in a few weeks! (please please please no rain!) x

    Sage...Rita, the dress is the one thing I have to wait to share! but these shoes are sooooooo great! x

  4. OMG...... I love the shoes!!!

  5. Vic- they're PERFECT!(not that I have an inside scoop on how well they'll match your dress or anything...)

  6. GOSH what wonderful shoes - 100 times nicer than mine x still you are the Bride xxx

  7. Woah! them xx