Monday, 15 February 2010

Wool from Jamie Oliver's FIFTEEN courtesy of mummy!

My mum sent me a package of this gorgeous 100% wool promoted through Jamie Oliver's Chain of Restaurants FIFTEEN.  Three lovely balls of wool, with cute wooden needles and a series of patterns developed specifically for this wool. 



My mum arrives in London tomorrow morning, and I can't wait to see her at arrivals! :)


  1. What a wonderfun gift from you mum!!!Love the colours and love the needles!
    I bet you can do so many nice things with that wool :)
    Have fun!
    Oh, and so happy that your mum arrives tomorrow, I am sure you'll be sooo happy to see her :D!!!

  2. I love the colors!!! My daughter is a big knitter. Enjoy mother-daughter time.

  3. Did the wool come with a pot of tea? Ba ha ha ha...