Friday, 12 February 2010

Root Vegetable Lancashire Hot Pot with Cheese

Only one thing to do hanging around the house feeling sick and sorry for myself (a bit bluesy today). 



Tonight for dinner I attempted, for the first time, a vegetarian Lancashire hotpot...a stew topped with sliced potatoes and broiled...I adapted a version of butternut and swede stew with dumplings that I had seen in a magazine during the week by adding more vegetables and a itty bitty bit of red wine..oh and foregoing the dumplings by creating a Lancashire hot pot instead. 

The finished product was tasty.  Next time I will omitt the parsnip though. I am not a fan, it just tastes a bit ICKY to me...personal opinion...but I added them into my stew to TRY them again...ewwww no no no no...sorry, I just couldn't do it.  I ate ONE...and left the rest on the side of my plate. 


  1. This dish looks incredibly tasty, a wonderful presentation, Victoria!!!
    I am curious about this dish, I never heard about it!
    I always learn something new with you, you're my first resource for vegetarian cooking!;)

  2. I must say that looks so good! Love one pot meals and vegetarian on top of that.
    Happy Valentines Day.
    Thank you.

  3. Annalisa...I'd never heard of this dish before I moved to the is basically a stew cooked completely then covered in parboiled sliced potatoes and put under the broiler. It is a nice change from shepheards pie, or a pastry topping. :) Thanks for stopping by as always!

    Sage...Rita, one pot meals, especially slow cooked ones are so comforting! :)