Friday, 5 February 2010

WEDDING SPOTLIGHT...Forget the Favours! Bring on the LOOT BAGS!

Wedding favours and I don't really get along.  I appreciate the imortant gesture of giving your guests a little token to thank them for sharing your special day, a token that might also hold a fond memory of you as a couple or of the day as a memory or whatever.  You know what though? Wedding favours are flipping expensive!

When we sat down and looked at our budget and had a rough idea of what the catering and venue was going to cost and then started to guesstimate other costs for flowers, clothing, rings, decorations etc.  The money seemed to be slipping away faster than we could actually calculate the costs.  One of the things close to the top of my list was wedding favours and I wanted to make sure that they were a) thoughtful and b) something that would be appreciated (having been to a few weddings in my time coming home with cheap plastic picture frames or really stinky candles).  Easier said than done!! Working on a pretty minimalist budget with a modest 60 guests I thought that we might be able to get something really classy...Hells no! at 5.00 a pop?? i can't even do that math for that....

Now I don't want you to think that I am a cheapo, but c'mon! Everybody has a drawer (or a cupboard) filled with wedding favours...they are rarely really used and often not really even liked, although I have been to some weddings where the favours were probably more expensive than my gift to the bride and groom...and then there was the huge Greek wedding I went to where the gift was a gorgeous frosted picture frame, which I accidently smashed to bits in the parking lot on the way home after one too many sambuccas...

In hind-sight I guess my aversion to wedding favours probably all stems from my own self-inflicted expereinces...but those events partnered with our inability to find anything remotely representative of us as a couple, or classy enough to gift to our family and friends...David and I are for-going the ominous title of WEDDING FAVOUR and opting, instead, to present our guests with LOOT BAGS (or party bags as they are called here)!!

In our LOOT BAGS we are including: A packet of Forget-me-Not seeds personalised with our names and wedding date (75 packs for 50.00), 2 individually wrapped Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate squares that I bought over Christmas when the supermarkets have all the party sized boxes of chocolates (3 boxes of 45 for 3.50 each), A Chinese Fortune Stick from my fave new online shop Cox&Cox (tin of 75 for 10.00), A sugar heart iced cookie (courtesy of mummy and me!), and a penny for luck! All wrapped in a cellophane bag (80 for 11.50) with a homemade lable and special heart to heart ribbon (from Cox&Cox 14.00)!! 

Totalling about 1.50 per guest!  In reality, the seed package is the "favour" and the rest just bulks out the package a bit...


  1. So cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Moogie...thanks! I just wanted something homemade and special instead of the usual favours...i hope my guests apprecate them! xo

  3. have gone to so much trouble to thank your guests - they will feel very special xx