Thursday 19 May 2011

Indian Salmon Cakes...another quickie (sheesh)

I made these a while back and totally forgot about them until I was going through  my memory card to delete the images....

Another quick, easy, store cupboard after work quickie...mashed sweet potato mixed with a heaping tbsp of curry paste, tin of salmon, some breadcrumbs and a huge handful of chopped coriander...pat into patties, chill and then pan fry for about 3 mins on each side...served with wilted spinach and yoghurt mixed with mint and coriander.


  1. going to try !! will let you know sounds good - might have them tomorrow night xx

  2. Ooohh! I'm going to make these for Charles!

  3. Salmon!!! Wow, looks great!!!
    Sorry for neglecting your blog, I have been busy and a few things happened since the last time I posted on my blog...I will make up for the long absence!

  4. I've got a lot of cooked salmon in my freezer I want to use up so I'm going to try these next week. Will let you know what we thought of them, they do sound lovely.

  5. Cherry...thanks! yum yum yum! maybe i will make them for you when you come to visit :)

    AB...let me know if you do! :)

    Annalisa...welcome back xx

    Karen...cooked salmon would be soooo much better than the tinned stuff i used :)

    Kitchen Maid...they were!!

    Jayne...thanks! they tasted really good too!