Thursday 13 October 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Poor David has to share his birthday with Thanksgiving...last year I made a pumpkin pie for his birthday/thanksgiving dinner...this year he asked if i could make him something not pumpkin for his birthday.  

Me: Not pumpkin?? But it is Thanksgiving!!!???

Downtrodden Hubby: is my birthday...

Me: oh...right...ahem...whatever you want the light of my life (I'll just make me a pumpkin something anyway!)

Downtrodden Hubby: That's chocolate cheesecake that model made on TV yesterday looked good?

Me: As you wish...

The 'model' he was talking about is Lorriane Pascale.  I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the show's format, but for the most part her recipes are simple, homily, I found out on Monday night...totally doable! 

This no bake chocolate cheesecake  was a cinch to put together. The only difficulty I had was piping the white chocolate on the top and then swirling the STILL WARM had cooled too much (thank you makeshift piping bag malfunction)...but it still tasted good.  For a no-bake cheesecake I was really happy with the outcome.  The biscuit base is thick and crunchy, the cream cheese middle is pretty creamy...I think it needed a bit more chocolate...but still tasty...and the top firmed up nicely.  


  1. Birthday Love sent your way xxxxx

  2. Victoria, it looks delicious, I have a full house this weekend so may make it for pudding on Sunday, yum!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! The cheesecake does look lovely. Think I shall have to give that a try.

  4. You ARE a good wifey!!!


  5. Lucky husband! In my opinion you don't see enough chocolate cheesecakes, and yours looks beautiful with the swirls.

  6. I was just watching her make this on bbc iplayer! Yours look exactly the same! Happy birthday to your husband!

  7. I really enjoy watching Lorraine's show. My friend from work left the recipe for this cheesecake on my desk, with a note: please make this and bring it to work.
    Yours turned out beautiful!
    Happy birthday to your husband!