Wednesday 9 May 2012

Scandi brunch at Peter's Yard

You all know that I've been obsessed with everything scandi the last little while, so you can imagine how excited I was when a fellow scandiphile agreed to meet for my brunch at the über cool Peter's Yard Cafe. I've been for coffee a few times and have drooled over the savoury delights, but hadn't (until now) actually treated myself to anything.  

The place was heaving when we arrived, but after mooching around for a few minutes we managed to snag a couple of seats at the bar by the window.  The atmosphere was very relaxed and, although it is counter service, we felt totally comfortable leaving our jackets on out chairs when we went up to order.  There is a range of breakfast choices, including a bread platter with cheese and jams, as well as porridge...but I went straight for the herring smørbrød with a pot of lovely lemongrass and marigold tea. 

The bread was dense with a great texture and topped with lettuce, a very generous portion of herring, salmon roe and a large dollop of creme fraiche with apples and celery.  I easily could have eaten two..or more!

I think it is safe to say I won't be getting over this obsession any time soon. 


  1. Ooooh how lovely! I absolutely adore that kind of thing - in Copenhagen D and I went to a herring buffet which served them about seven different ways. Yet another place to add to my list of Esimburgh must-visits.


  2. Looks delicious, I'm with you on the scandi obsession, how do they get to sooo cool!!!

  3. There's one opening in Stockbridge soon - next to Pizza Express. Excited!

  4. Hi Victoria

    Thanks for such a lovely blog post about your brunch at our Edinburgh cafe, its nice to get such great feedback from customers. Keep up you Scandi obsession ;)

    Linda (Peters Yard)