Wednesday 19 September 2012

Colorova Patisserie...hip pastries in Paris

I took a little jaunt over to Paris for a long weekend break this past weekend.  4 whole days of wandering the streets and stuffing my face with any pastries I could get my hot little hands on (these hands are made for eating...not making...pastry).  I was in heaven.  Armed with Amy Thomas's "Paris my Sweet" and recommendations from David Lebovitz's blog I couldn't go wrong.  Our days were planned around breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks to maximise the patisserie stops, I gorged myself on croissants, macarons and madeleines.  I devoured a perfectly formed Paris Brest.  I ohhed and ahhed my way around the 1st-11th arrondissements.  

My favourite stop was recommended by the lovely Rachel Khoo of Little Paris Kitchen fame, Colorova Patisserie a stone throws away from Au Bon Marche Department Store.  

We arrived around 2:30 looking forward to sitting down to a tart and a cup of tea.  The place was pretty full but the staff kindly sat us at a table for 4 (there were only 2 of us).  It was comfy and in full view of one of the two pastry counters! 

Everything was very clean, very stylised and very hip... three green SMEG.  Although it was the middle of the afternoon there was still a great variety of pastries to choose from, even though we seemed to be the only party only ordering sweets, and a large selection of Lov Teas to choose from (Scandinavian inspired Organic teas...very clean and very fresh).  

Most of our fellow diners seemed to be finishing lunch and from what I spied the savoury dishes looked perfectly put together.  We overheard customers reserving tables for Sunday brunch only to be told that the tables were fully booked.  

I had to restrain myself from devouring this small strawberry and pistachio tart (adorned with gold leaf) accompanied by a mint green tea.  The pastry was crisp and not too thick, slathered with a strawberry jam and topped with sweetened little strawberries and a flourish of pistachio cream.  

My mum chose the raspberry and mascarpone tart and a pot of Ginger and Lemon tea.  I have been assured that the pastry was equally as crisp and the filling totally exquisite.  

Colorova is a lovely patisserie and something completely different from the numerous patisseries found in more touristy areas.   If you are in Paris and thinking about checking it out, they offer pastries and cakes to carry out but I would recommend making a reservation and relaxing over tarts and tea for an hour or so.  


  1. two of my favourite eats - strawberry and pistachio...hmm would make a great ice cream flavor too!

  2. I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, this type of artisan lovely tea cake store are not so numerous in Paris, as one could think.
    Compare to London!
    Wil you tell about your other discover?

  3. How gorgeous! It looks so cosy and modern, I love that in combination with such beautiful patisserie.

  4. It all looks gorgeous, my mouth is watering now!