Friday 28 September 2012

Edinburgh Cake Ladies...A Taste of Home

On Wednesday night Katey from Edinburgh Eats and I hosted an Edinburgh Cakes Ladies bake night at the lovely Cafe Musa on the Mound.  It was fantastic! The theme this month was A Taste of Home.  We challenged  bakers to recreate a family favourite or something that reminded them of home.  The selection was fantastic and I loved listening to the stories, memories and personalities behind the bakes.  

Apple Creams, Empire Biscuits, White Chocolate Poppy Seed Cake and Cherry Cheesecake

Top Row: Norwegian Success Cake, Date Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Creams 
Middle Row: Pumpkin Pie, Fruit Scones, Coconut Lemon Slice
Bottom Row: Mustard and Cheese Scones, Caramel Shortbread, Peanut Krispies

And my Butter Tarts.  Most of you will know that I tried many many many butter tarts when I was visiting my folks this summer, so there wasn't really anything else that screamed "home" to me.  I used a recipe from the Great Canadian Basics Cookbook (well worn, well splattered, well loved), and I just love them.  


  1. The Great Canadian Basics cookbook strikes again! I love butter tarts :-)

  2. Can you post your recipe????? Did you use golden syrup instead of corn syrup? I'm home in Wpg right now and have had a few butter tarts, but would love to make them when I'm back 'home' in Scotland.