Saturday 20 October 2012

Scandilicious Cinnamon Bun CAKE

I am supposed to be on a cake break...there is a dress I need to fit into at Christmas time and all the incredible Edinburgh cakes I've been eating and making lately are not going to make it easy.  That said, we have 2 weekends of house guests staying over the next fortnight and it would be rude not to have something for them to nibble away at...right? 

I loved the look of this cinnamon bun 'cake' the moment I set eyes on the picture in Scandilicious Baking.  It reminded me of buying sticky buns back home in Canada, and the time I was at a friend's cottage and we got up extra early to go to 'the best' bakery out in the middle of nowhere to buy a circular tray of sticky buns (devoured with tim hortons coffee down at the dock).  

The recipe is easy to follow, made even easier by using the dough hook on my stand mixer.  Instructions are given for using plain flour as well as spelt flours.  I used a mixture of white bread flour and wholegrain spelt flour.  Initially the dough was very sticky, but after the first proving it was soft and easy to work with and although the spelt flour gives the dough a sweeter flavour I feel more virtuous using is wholegrain after all.  Just ignore the fact that it is the slathered in a buttery sugary cinnamony paste, rolled up tightly, cut into rounds and squished into a tin only to be glazed and topped with more sugar! 

The buns hold together really nicely.  It is advised to let the cake cool before eating but it is truly satisfying ripping right into the buns while they are still super soft and slightly doughy.  If you can manage to wait until cooled try cutting into slices using a bread knife...either way...yum! 


  1. Well now, technically these are buns and not a cake and so are perfectly acceptable for you to be eating ;0)

  2. looks yummy.....and i think it's very noble of you to sacrifice a "cake break" in honour of your weekend guests.....lucky them!!!