Saturday 6 October 2012

we baked and then we shaked (shook) at the Aga Store

Last week I took my mum along to The Bake & Shake event at the Aga Store in Edinburgh.  The plan for the evening was simple...we would learn to bake in an Aga and while the cakes were baking we would build up and appetite learning some belly-dancing moves.  I'll admit it sounded a bit scary at first...two new skills in one evening, but it was so so so fun.  

I've never dared step foot in the Aga Store before...In my real life I am, sadly, not in the market for an my dreams I am.  In the past I have only managed to stick my nose to the glass and sigh so it was a real treat to step inside and touch.  

There were about 12 participants and with the help of Aga Champions we baked 4 different traybakes. Under the tutelage of the champions we discovered the differences between baking in an Aga and a conventional oven, the different functions of the various compartments and the role an Aga can play in other household tasks...ironing, drying, heating.  I found myself thinking through the finances while I mixed the brownie mixture. 

Sigh...there is something so romantic about the thought of the Aga being the heart of the home.  I caught myself daydreaming about a lovely cosy kitchen with a gorgeous ice blue Aga...sigh.  

With the cakes in the oven we were invited into the main section of the shop where we shaked (shook). We learnt a handful of belly-dancing moves...attempted to put them together into a little routine...and had a good laugh while doing so!   

Chocolate Brownies, Banana Chocolate Chip Cake and a Fruit Cake appeared while we were still shaking (the champions were keeping an expert eye on things).  

The staff at the Aga store and the champions were very welcoming, very friendly, very helpful and very encouraging. After baking and shaking we had a chance to taste the goods and chat.  The evening was a resounding success, I'd say, and I hope they become a regular feature at the Aga store.  These evening will quite possibly be the only opportunities I will have to use an Aga.  

(mum's favourite) 

If you are in Edinburgh and interested in attending a future event subscribe to the Edinburgh Cake Ladies' Blog.  


  1. Mum's favourite is a hit with me too !!!! x Amazing x