Thursday 1 November 2012

Choux Buns for Grandma Mary

David's Grandma Mary came to stay with us this past weekend. We planned lots of Grandma friendly things to do over the weekend, including a stroll through the Botanics, a concert at Usher Hall, a walk down (and up) the Royal Mile, lunch at a fancy restaurant, an afternoon movie on the couch with a late afternoon tea. 

We haven't spent nearly enough time with David's Grandma over the last couple of years because of the whole not living very close thing so we wanted to make our weekend really special.  I wanted to make her a little tea party to celebrate our time together...but also had to plan it carefully (around all of our walks and reservations and events).  I woke up early on Saturday and made a quick chocolate zucchini loaf for the cake bit, I had some scones in the freezer already for the scone bit, I reserved a chicken breast from Saturday's dinner for the sandwich bit and then whipped up a batch of choux buns for the pastry bit.  

Grandma Mary was a Home Economics teacher before she retired, so...even though I shouldn't have...I did feel a little bit nervous when I was mixing up the batter.  I halved a recipe I often use and managed to squeeze 6 buns out.  

To make them extra special I smeared them with pistachio cream and then filled with whipped cream. 

Dusted with icing sugar they were the perfect ending to an excellent weekend.  


  1. I bet Grandma Mary loved her weekend with you. Sounds like you pulled out all the stops. Love the choux buns, I've been meaning to make a batch for a while but always seem to forget so thanks for the reminder.

  2. I really must get my act together and make some choux pastry. Love the little buns. Well done grandma!

  3. Wow - you must have Wowed Grandma - Well done xxx

  4. Sounds like Grandma Mary had a perfect weekend in Edinburgh!!! beautiful choux buns --- just the treat after walking the Royal Mile!!


  5. I'll bet Grandma Mary loved being pampered by you and I'll bet she'll be back soon! Isn't it nice to spend time with the family matriarch! There's so much to learn from them!