Saturday 10 November 2012

Gingerbread Moose and Acorns

Now that the clocks have turned back and the days are getting noticeably shorter by, I find myself craving comfort.  I love this time of year...saying goodbye to the cream and berries and welcoming all those lovely deep spices like cinnamon, ginger and allspice...not to mention baking with pumpkins, parsnips and beetroot.  The run up to Christmas is possibly my most favourite baking season of the year, I love the smells, I love the tastes, I love the feeling of festiveness, and I love the anticipation.  Saying all that, sometimes I think that the Christmas is Coming hype leads to Autumn being brushed aside in favour of preparing for the C-word.  

This year I thought I would celebrate Autumn with some cute little acorn and Canadian Moose gingerbread biscuits.  Although I usually only make gingerbread in the run up to Christmas I think that it is a perfect autumnal  recipe...spicy and warming.   

I like my gingerbread to be crisp, not chewy, so I use a recipe meant for making gingerbread houses. I like that there is little spread or rise in this dough, meaning that the biscuits keep their shape really well (and have a great bite).  

I wanted to makes these Autumnal Gingerbread a little bit different so added some extra spice...ground cloves, allspice and with the generous measure of ginger, and swapped out 1/3 of the golden syrup for good old Canadian maple syrup.  

Gingerbread isn't just for Christmas.  


  1. How cute are they! Love the Moose cookies (I wanted to Mooses but I am sure the plural is something totally different lol)
    I love preparing for the C-word ;0)
    To be honest I think its the only thing that gets me through my autumn blues, but I totally understand what you mean ... I need to take a leaf out of your book my dear ;0)

  2. They look gorgeous and I was just thinking about using maple syrup I seem to have two open bottles!
    Last year I made chocolate moose shaped biscuits, it's great fun asking someone if they'd like a chocolate moose, and watching their face as you give them a biscuit rather then the imagined mousse!
    Jude x

  3. Ooh, they look delicious! Almost too cute to eat. Now I must make some gingerbread this week.