Monday, 3 October 2011

Burgh Bakes Marshmallows

Katey over at Edinburgh Eats got me drooling last month when she posted about the luscious marshmallow  treats served up by the Marshmallow Lady, Nicole at Burgh Bakes.  I'd been lucky enough to nab a bag of these totally legit marshmallows months ago on my first visit to Edinburgh Larder...and have been craving some ever since! 

I love love love marshmallows (have yet to make my own) and have not been bowled over with the sticky overly sweet pink and white ones I often come across here in the UK.  I pine for the light as air marshmallows from home...the giant bags...the marshmallow eating competitions.  

Burgh Bakes's Marshmallows are not for eating competitions (at £3.00 a bag,I am savouring every last one! Totally worth stretching my budget for!) but there is certainly a competition of willpower going on at our house.  Yesterday, after David speedily ran the Great Edinburgh Run (and I stood at the finish line in my wellies sipping coffee from my Cath Kidston flask) we treated ourselves to brunch at The Edinburgh Larder...where I couldn't stop myself from picking up a bag of Millionaires Shortbread Marshmallows.  

David and I agreed to eat just two each last night with our cup of tea, I actually took the plate into the kitchen after my second...just to make sure there were some left for tonight.  Read Katey's review...visit the facebook page...order won't regret it! 



  2. I like the image of you in your wellies at the finish line...that'd be me, too. I've never made or eaten handmade marshmallows. I guess it's time I did.

  3. Thanks for the link :-) They're so yummy aren't they - I finished my packet in record time! I've tried to make my own and although it was quite fun, never again! My kitchen got covered in goo and it even got in my hair. That was not fun!

  4. Try making them Victoria - seriously they're SO delicious homemade I can't recommend them enough ( I feel another batch coming on...

  5. I've scoffed the two packets I've bought in one sitting both times :( Can't wait for her 'marshmallow' cake at the next cake ladies event!

  6. Cherry....well done david indeed!

    Sue...the finish line is the place to be! I have to try too....could be messy! probs! thanks for the heads up on the goo hazards!

    little macaroon...thanks for the link, i am so tempted!

    Alison...i might have to buy two packs bext time to save my marriage! i am so excited for the marshmallow cake!!

  7. I must be one of the few people who hate marshmallows, or maybe it's because the only experience I have of marshmallows ARE precisely the overly sweet sticky spongey junk food ): your description is making me reconsider!