Monday, 17 October 2011

Shhhhh it's a secret...the 3rd meeting of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies

It is hardly a secret...the word is well and truly out...the Edinburgh Cake Ladies are in print! Last Thursday I attended the 3rd meeting of the Edinburgh Cakes Ladies, hosted by the wonderful Hilary of My Monkfish fame.  

The theme this time...Bake Your Fear...

And my fear I did bake...I've been nervous about making this pumpkin roll with orange cream for a while.  The recipe was given to me by my brother's girlfriend...who just happens to be a fantastic baker.  While the original recipe is for a gluten free treat there are instructions for regular flour.  

I've never made a swiss roll/roulade cake before so I was pretty nervous...and the fact that a large group of spectacular bakers was going to be sampling something I had not made before...yikes! Well...I tell a small lie, I did practice the cake over Thanksgiving weekend...mere days before the ACTUAL event. the event itself...what an evening! There was a fantastic sugary buzz in the air all night and I managed to try more cakes than I did at the previous event, where I ashamedly only ate 3 slices...shame shame.  The selection of cakes were incredible and I was totally in awe of each and every one of them.  I loved the selection, I loved the effort everyone made, and I loved loved loved the cake.  

If the baking of a new "fearful" cake wasn't enough...a journalist from Scotland on Sunday was writing a feature about the EVENT and there was a photographer shooting what seemed like billions of snaps...

Read the Official Blog for links to other member's entries...and for further info about the spectacular Edinburgh Cake Ladies!! 

Oh! The groovy photo of my cake was taken for the Facebook album...can you believe I didn't get one decent snap of my cake?? 


  1. Your cake was amazing! I had it for lunch on the Friday :)

  2. Sounds Wonderfully FEARFUL !!!!!!!!!!! xxxx

  3. I love the story of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies...I can't believe you've gone big time! Your cake sounds and looks delicious. Wish I were a member.

  4. That sounds like so much fun - and I would definitely share your fear of a rouladey type cake, but sounds like you felt the fear and, er, baked it anyway! ;-))


  5. this sounds brilliant, a pumpkin roll!

  6. I missed out on this event again!!! Such a shame cause it seems like so much fun, and quite frankly any excuse to eat more than 3 slices of cake in a sitting is an event not to be missed lol. Love your pumpkin roll too ;0)

  7. Your pumpkin roll looks delicious!, but where is the recipe!!!.......xx

  8. I loved your pumpkin roll, and I didn't get any good photos hardly at all of the night! Must've been the sugar rush making my hands shake ;-)

  9. Ooooh! I wish I lived in Edinburgh! Your pumpkin roll looks wonderful and how marvelous to be with like minded cake people!

  10. Miss Edinburgh...awww thanks! x certainly was...but such a great night!

    Sue...Big Time! I know! hahaha xx

    Seren...actually surprisingly not so difficult...have got over my fear! :)

    two hippos...thanks!

    Chele...please please please come to the next one! in the text! try it!

    Katey...thanks! I loved your walk the light and tasty! i was shaking for a few days!

    A Trifle...there might be a clandestine cake club near you??? x