Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Thanksgiving Tourtiere

No turkey at my house for Thanksgiving this year...very hard to source up here in Scotland this time of year (surprisingly, turkey drumsticks are in abundance but not the actual bird)...and...well...for two people one bird is quite possibly just too much (i know leftovers are even better...but...).  

This year I decided to try something new, but something that I knew I would like...Tourtiere.  For those of you born outside of Canada or the northern United States a Tourtiere is a classic French Canadian meat pie filled with minced pork.  

The recipe I used came from the Canadian Basics cookbook and was pretty simple to follow.  You basically braise minced pork with some onion and celery, dried savoury, thyme, sage and a bay leaf until the mince is tender and then you add in some mashed potato to hold it all together, let it cool and then fill the pie.  

gobble gobble indeed! 


  1. This pie looks really good!I didn't know Tourtiere before :)

  2. What a delicious looking pie, you have decorated it so delicately.
    It sounds perfect just the thing for my husband and sons.
    Do you not have Waitrose, they could get you a turkey, or a turkey crown (I accidentally ordered one a few Christmas ago, it's breast but no drumsticks!) mat be you could order online.
    Is it Canadian Thanksgiving?
    If so Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  3. you forgot to mention that it MUST be decorated with CANADIAN MAPLE LEAVES for authentic flavouring!!!

    It looks delicious! Who needs turkey anyway!


  4. It looks great, but not for me as i am a veggie......xx

  5. Oh it looks so pretty! Id love this meaty pie, might have to make it for just me though. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy thanksgiving to you! This looks amazing, and always lovely to hear about different regional dishes.


  7. sounds really delicious.

  8. El Pasticcio...thanks...i think it tasted even better!

    A Trifle...I never thought of asking them to order me one...good idea! sometimes...i just rather not have turkey! hahahah!

    Mummi-ji...oh right about the leaves! xx

    Linda...i didn't know that!!! I'll eat your piece ;)

    Dom...this is seriously meaty but really nice wonderful as leftovers and overs and overs!

    Seren...thank you!

    two hippos...yum yum!

  9. Your pie looks stunning and packed with filling (the way any good pie should be!).
    Love the leaf decorations

  10. I know Tourtiere well ad that looks like a pretty fantastic one! LOVE your pastry art too......great photos and pie!