Monday, 30 July 2012

A Baby Blanket for a very special baby

There are loads of things I have been looking forward to about my trip "home" to Canada...but I have to say that the thing..or event...I have been looking forward to the most is seeing my friend's big pregnant belly.  When they told me they were expecting...and I realised I would be able to see them before the due date...I immedietly set to work making a special present.
I decided to knit a baby blanket in the classic Hudson's Bay Company stripe pattern.  As a wedding present my brother gave us a double sized wool HBC Point Blanket and it is one of my most favourite is my little bit of Canada in the United Kingdom, it ties me to home.  Eventhough my friends are in Canada I thought that it would be a special keepsake. 

The finished blanket.


  1. Beautiful, what a great idea! I just found out I'm going to be an aunty again... this looks like an ideal pattern :-)

  2. That is beautiful - love the simplicity of the pattern.

  3. lucky baby...lucky parents....I'm sure they'll treasure that blanket forever!!!!


  4. What a special gift for your friends, I'm sure they'll treasure it forever.

  5. What a gorgeous gift. They are going to treasure this special blanket always. You could make a mint selling these on ebay!!!