Monday, 23 July 2012

It's the little things...early morning baking

The town where my parents live played host to a major triathalon on Sunday.  All the action took place, literally, on our door step...which was awesome.  What was not awesome was the MC for the day kicking everything off over the loud speaker at 6am. 

Wide awake with things to do (family meal planned for the evening) mum and I got down to business...the business of pie.  When my brother and I both planned trips to visit our parents at the same time my mum asked us to make a list of things we would like her to know, things from our childhood...things we can't really get where we are in the world...favourites.  We both had Sour Cream Peach Pie at the top of our respective lists. 

This pie is incredible.  Ripe peaches slathered in a sour cream and sugar mixture and topped with a strusel topping.  Once the pastry is made, and the peaches are peeled the pie comes together really quickly.  My smartie pants mum had made the pastry the night before so we took advantage of the early morning wake up call to get the pie into the oven...not only to get it baked before the heat of the Muskoka sun was upon us but also because this pie tastes so much better cold...from the fridge. 

Summer on a plate.


  1. Oh My!!! This look and sounds amazing!!!

  2. That sounds lovely, and what a nice idea of mum to ask you for a list of favourite bakes before you visit - is there a recipe for the pie?

    1. thanks Jay! the recipe comes from my mum's cookbook but i've googled it a few times and the recipes are pretty much the same. sour cream peach pie with strusel topping!

  3. Looks FAB! I love early morning baking too...all by myself in the kitchen!

  4. Sounds like you're having the perfect summer!