Thursday, 19 July 2012

An East Anglia more for the road

On our last day in Cromer the rain was heavy...we had a few errands to run around town and some food to pick up so when the clouds parted we made our move.  We hadn't planned on stopping for a treat but the rain held off for longer than expected.  

We popped into Dudley's Bakery behind the church. This wasn't our first visit...the bread is pretty good, especially the Norfolk Crunch, and the pasties and sausage rolls are pretty much our lunch staples when visiting Cromer...but this was the first time I had bought anything sweet.  There were plenty of choices, including individually wrapped victoria sponge slices...but in the end I decided to go for a strawberries and cream tart.  

Back home, with a cup of tea and the rain pouring down I tucked into my little treat.  


  1. Haven't been to Cromer since I was a wee girl You have brought back lovely memories for me Not to mention a craving for that wonderful treat

  2. Oh, how delicious looking! You certainly need some comfort after all the rain you folks have been having! We have the exact opposite . . . crazy isn't it!

  3. That strawberries and cream tart looks smashing. I am making a mental note to pay Dudley's Bakery a visit when I am in the vicinity. After seeing this I am now off to make my own tarts.