Monday, 16 July 2012

An East Anglia Cake-ation...celebrating wimbledon

I am just back from spending a lovely week at the seaside...and despite the was just that...lovely.  We stayed in Cromer on the North Norfolk Coast, and pretty much spent our days avoiding the rain, pottering about, going on longer hikes (when the skies looked promising), sitting on the beach, and searching out cake.  It was perfect...

Some friends came to say with us for a couple of nights, and seeing as they had a car (we are slaves to public transport) we ventured further Holkham Hall.  The house was great and the weather held up for most of our trip but the main attraction for me (of course) was the cafe.  

I snapped a few pictures when we first arrived (before going through the house) and hatched a plan with our friends to come back after wandering around the house to collect some goods to take home with us for lunch.   

We took our time and wandered around the house...unfortunately time got away from see there was the little matter of the Men's Final at Wimbledon that day...and there just wasn't quite enough time to potter around the grounds before making our drive back to Cromer.  We did, however, have time for the gift shop (of course) and a quick dash into the cafe to collect some scones, and a Bray's Cottage Pork Pie to take away.  

The scones were a good size and tasted great but the fabulous extra touch was the availability of clotted cream in individual containers to take away.  I am a total greedy guts when it comes to clotted cream and had some trouble rationing the amount I had...luckily David had some leftover...but other than that I can easily declare these the perfect treat for a damp Wimbledon final in front of the tv. 


  1. lovely to be able to get EXTRA-TAKE-AWAY containers of clotted cream!!!!
    I'll have to file away that little bit of info for our next visit to Cromer....


  2. To me that part of Norfolk is just the best place to be. We love the endless walks along the beaches and cliff tops. Our next holiday there is Carnival week, I just can't wait.......xx