Sunday, 1 July 2012

Middle Eastern Supper Club @insideoutchef

I'm beginning to wonder what I did before I met the Cake Ladies.  Recently it has seemed like every week I am off at some event with one or more of them.  Last night was no a group of us descended on Insideout Chef's Supper Club.

Watermelon and Dukkah

We were greeted by Wendy and her husband, Ian, and offered a refreshing watermelon drink and canapes of pesto palmiers and chunks of watermelon served with a Dukkah dip (toasted and finely chopped nuts and spices).  The watermelon with dukkah was amazing, I had never tasted anything like it.  

We sat down to an amazing mezze platter of dips, salads, stuffed vine leaves and lamb meatballs.  In all honestly I could have just grazed away on the mezze all night (there was loads of it) and had to keep reminding myself that there were more courses to follow (not that that stopped me from overloading on hummus and labna). 

Mezze Platter

After the mezze there was a soup course of chickpea and lentil soup, which was very warming, and then we were served the main course of chicken tagine, couscous and a salad.  After a short break the pudding arrived...sticky orange cake with an awesome pistachio topping, served with an orange and date salad.  

The evening was lovely, the food...the company...the setting...everything.  


  1. Thank you Victoria, Middle Eastern food was new to me, I am glad I made the journey and was able to take you with to sample some wonderful food from an interesting part of the world, I will making stuffed vine leaves again no more buying them at the deli1