Thursday, 26 July 2012

It's the little things...the local diner

The local diner is an a good cafe or chippy back in the UK  here in North America you can judge a community based on its Diner.  Huntsville has a couple of decent local greasy know places where you can get an all day breakfast, a grilled cheese and pretty much everything comes with the question "and would you like fries with that?".  It is pretty much my idea of heaven.  On Tuesday my parents and I walked over to Family Place Restaurant  on the main street just over the bridge...close. 

A good selection of jams, honey and peanut butter on the table sure made me happy and temporarily swayed me towards the all day breakfast.  Choices choices...always tough to make...but I did manage in the end.   

Actually,  choosing my drink was no had to be a large glass of chocolate milk.  The waitress didn't seem to think that it was an odd request coming from a 30-something gal...I'm sure she gets it all the time. Chocolate milk is a diner staple. 

The place was hopping with folk, mostly local I would guess.  In the end I went for the Ruben...rye bread stacked high with smoked meat, saurkraut and ruben sauace and smothered in cheese.  Fries were, of course, with that...and a heap of dill pickles.  The extra special addition, also a diner staple, was gravy on the side (for the fries). 

yum yum and yum


  1. YUM! I do love a Reuben! Love the Canadian blogging!