Sunday 27 December 2009

All that planning and it is over? Just like that?

As David's dad and sister left our house last night after our boxing day Christmas celebratoin it suddenly hit me...I started planning my cosy little dinner soiree weeks ago and 12 short hours it was all over!! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED planning and making lists and shopping for supplies early and baking and baking and baking...I guess it just hit me hard cause this was our first Christmas together in our new home, our first time having David's fam over to celebrate at our house...Our first grown-up Christmas...and it was all over before I could even really enjoy it. 

Waking up this morning (still totally stuffed up and snotty) I was kinda sad that it is all over...but then I realised that I can share it all with YOU!! 

Weeks ago I decided that I was NOT going to do turkey...I know I know I know...what is Christmas without turkey?? Luckily...David's mum served up a full and yummy turkey lunch on Christmas day...crossing that Christmas element off the list and leaving me free to make something different and more in keeping with our casual boxing day meal. 

I had thought about making Julia Child's famous Boeuf Bourguignon recipe...remember dry the beef first before browning (thank you Julie & Julia)...but to be honest, the recipe was way too extensive for my lazy boxing day menu...I looked at a version in my fave go-to book Canadian Classics but wasn't too thrilled with method...and then there was a basic beef stew recipe in Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food which is a stand by I use often....and in the end I just sort of mushed them all together and came up with my own version...drying and browing the meat first...sauteeing the veggies (I have to have carrot chunks and celery and leeks in my stew) in the browing fat and then adding the meat back in with some flour...and then beef stock, Chianti, tin of chopped tomatoes and spices.....into the oven for what seemd like ages....but, in the end so yummy and tender...but definetly NOT Boeuf Bourguignon....another day Julia....another day...

I was in such a rush to sit down with my guests I didn't think about snapping the main me it was gorgeous and deep in colour with beautiful melted shallots, and bits of carrots, and just full of lushness. 

For nibbles I made a plate of smoked salmon (the way my mama does it), some cheeses and crackers, and my new party piece...Hot Artichoke Dip with Corn Chips!! I found the recipe on line months ago (and totally can't remember where it came from) but after I made it, and tasted it...the texture and flavour was EXACTLY like something my mum used to make eons ago...

And then, for the post meal extravaganza... HOMEMADE Lemon Poppyseed Cheesecake Round 2 (I posted the first attempt here at the beggining of the month)...Grandma Kay's Shortbread Cookies, Nigella Lawson's Intense Chocolate Christmas Cookies, and Nanimo Bars (a classic Canadian touch to my English Christmas) go with my store bought Mince Pies and Battenburg cake...

How perfect does that sound? of the best bits??? There were no disasters! AT ALL!!  Bring on New Years Eve!

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