Thursday 21 January 2010

Fa-LEE-fel....or....Falafel...a meal for Lee (hurry up and get here!)

One of my bestest friends just booked a ticket to come and visit me for a few days at the beginning of February!!! In preparation for her visit...from Israel...I thought that I would try my hand at a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine...Falafel!

Falafel are gorgeous little deep fried balls of chickpeas combined with herbs and spices...served hot in a warm pita with yummy yummy salad toppings.  Depending on where you go and where the falafel-style hails from the toppings vary...but in general the taste of the falafel balls themselves are pretty uniform. 

I've had falafel in a few different cities...mostly in the Jewish quarter and sometimes in the Middle Eastern hub of larger cities, hands down the BEST falafel I have had was in the Marias in Paris at a place called L'As du Fallafel...but I have never been to the Middle East so I am sure that there are rivals somewhere...although I have it on very good authority that Lee's dad actually makes the BEST falafel...

So yesterday afternoon I embarked on my own Falafel making adventure...something that is not too hard if you have a food processer...which I don't....but my trusty Handblender did the trick with a little coaxing! The mixture is so easy (you can also buy it premade as a floury mix in supermarkets....just add water) just blend up chickpeas and parseley and garlic and some spices and baking powder (for oomph). 

Traditionally these little jewels are deep fried, but I have yet to buy any oil this week and well....there is always that health kick thing looming in the back of my I thought...Hey! those Onion Bhajis were awesome baked earlier this week...why not these falafel??

Employing the same method as with the Bhajis I oiled a baking sheet and baked the falafel for 10 mins and then brushed olive oil over top and baked a further 10 mins until golden and crispy! Such a fantastic method!

Served hot in a warmed pita with shredded redcabbage dressed in olive oil and lemon juice, grated carrot, hot chili sauce and raw onions sprinkled with paprika...oh and don't forget the HUMMOUS!


  1. I love falafel!I made them too just some days ago.I served them with the yougurt sauce,my family loves them and yours look wonderful!!!
    Great work!
    Have a lovely evening
    Hugs and kisses,Annalisa

  2. Annalisa...thanks! oh yoghurt sauce! I hadn't thought of that! I totally suggest baking them, if you don't already (although you can't beat a deep fried falafel!) xox

  3. This looks like something I must try. YUM