Wednesday 7 April 2010

Pastry making and Quiche...

Yesterday I finished work early so thought I would challenge myself at dinner time...take the time and try something totally new for me...Pastry! You might not believe me, but it is true...I have never really made (at least sucessfully) pastry...sweet or savoury! I knew I was finishing work early, so I was able to PLAN ahead and at least I knew in my head that I was going to attempt pastry and a quiche for supper...

After rushing around collecting bits and bobs for supper and the week from the grocery store (and having to go back for the flour, butter and lard)...I finally made it home and got down to pastry making! Well...for some flipping reason yesterday was the day that my kitchen decided to be hotter than you wold imagine! It has been cool verging on FREEZING for the last 4 months...and now...the day I want to make is steaming!! PLUS my hands were hot!! GAHHHHHH!! Surprisingly, the pastry came together quite well, and it rolled out easily...blindbaked easily and in the end, was pretty satisfying!

The filling was a bit of a mash-up.  I took the wet proportions from a Raymond Blanc Quiche Lorraine recipe...5 EGGS/200ML HEAVY CREAM but added sauteed leeks and mushrooms to the cooked bacon lardons and sprinkled with Gouda cheese.  The egg seeped over the edge a bit (I wobbled a bit lifting it into the oven) making some of the pastry a bit spongey...but the majority of the pastry was WONDERFUL!

I am really proud of my first attempt at this easy meal and am already planning my next pastry adventure!!


  1. worked very well in your brand NEW flan pan!!! I'll send you aunt sandi's no-fail quiche proportions...they've always worked for me over the years and years....

    good job!!!

  2. mummi....thank you!!! next time you come...i will make it for you!! x