Thursday 1 April 2010

A trio of Lemon Sables with white chocolate

A couple of weeks ago I was at a friend's house and she served some amazing lemon butter cookies dipped in white chocolate.  She had bought them at a TO DIE FOR eatery in Pimlico, London called Daylesford Organics...anyway, the cookies were so so so nice ( I had to stop myself from eating the whole packet) and I thought...hey! I could totally make these! So I did!  I used this recipe from AlpineBerry and was pretty pleased with the results...Although next time I am going to add more lemon zest and some lemon juice...they just weren't lemony enough.

You can have the plain, or dipped in chocolate (like the original inspiration)

Or sandwiched together (like a whoopiepie) with melted white chocolate

All wrapped up ready for an adult easter treat!

Happy Easter!!  xo


  1. wow..!!!!! someone will be getting a very special treat at your house this Easter!! What a good bunny you are....


  2. these look scrumptious!!!Wonderful!!!
    I love these, would like to try to make them!
    Happy Easter, dear Victoria!

  3. Wow - I live just around the corner to Victoria - I'm getting Hopeful !!!

  4. Mummi...hop hop hop I am a good bunny! xx

    Annalisa...these cookies were pretty simple to make! Let me know if you do!! xx

    Cherry...have a little something here for you! x

  5. White chocolate and lemon sound perfect together... love them!