Thursday 22 April 2010

yearning for an Al fresco lunch...

I've been sent a message telling me that by working I am taking too much time away from my blog...and you know what? it is true! I haven't been able to upload anything in AGES...stupid work taking up all my time...stupid work stifling my creativity....stupid work ruining my time in the kitchen...hmmmmmm...

Well...I am now off from work for a week and so I hope my creative juices will once again start flowing more freely...for now I am enjoying the sunny weather...seedlings are sprouting, laundry is drying and it is almost time to christen our brand new BBQ!!  I've just finished enjoying my ode to Al fresco lunches (inside)...


  1. so glad you have some creative time now - missed you x

  2. Hi... just came by to say hello. I love the sixties-mod look you've got going on with this post.

  3. I can't wait for picnic season - if only the weather warms up!