Saturday 8 May 2010

lentil soup with spring greens and yoghurt

This is my new favourite soup!

I would like to think that on the second weekend in May we would be well rid of cold, wet and rainy afternoons.  I know, I know, I know...I live in rains...but in May it is usually a warm sort-of rain, a sprinkling...but not today. Today it is miserable, today it is cold, today it is not nice at all...and today...I am BLAH. 

David and I did our chores in the morning and came home cold cold cold.  I thought waht better to warm us up on this miserable Saturday than a nice big bowl of filling soup! I used this recipe from 101cookbooks  (also my new favourite website) and used the gorgeous bunch of spring greens we received in our veggie box on Thursday with a big hangful of parsley to make up the 3 cups of leafy greens. 

If it is still cool where you are, and you aren't quite ready to give up on warming soups yet...I urge you to try this recipe.  The only change I would make next time I make this soup would be to substitute vegetable stock for the water.  Lentils tend to be very bland unless seasoned heavily and I think that by using stock there would be a deeper flavour...just a thought, I'll let you know!

ALSO yoghurt...yum!!


  1. Hey honeymooner.... this soup looks great!

  2. Moogie...thanks!!! it is even more yummy for lunch the next day!!!! ha ha ha x