Friday 14 May 2010

Thai Red Curry Primavera

Yesterday I needed a hit of some deep south east asian heat. What better than a creamy red curry made with thick coconut milk and lovely bright spring vegetables? 

This vegetarian version takes the amount of time it takes to make the rice...a quick and easy mid-week meal! I've made my own pastes before but without a food processor it is not that easy (or time friendly) so I always have a jar of red curry paste on the go in the fridge, and a couple of cans of coconut milk in the cupboard.  Last night I used up the end of a block of tofu, by pan frying the cubes and adding them to the broth and veggies just before we were ready to serve up.  To ease the cooking time I peeled the carrot in ribbons using my veggie peeler, thinly sliced the mushrooms and spring cabbage and just tossed in a handful of frozen peas at the end.  Yum yum yum!


  1. it looks delicious!!!! and there's nothing wrong with making use of ready-made then leaves you time to make things like ---PATSA!!!!


  2. Great recipe. Love the photo... looks retro