Tuesday 22 November 2011

David bakes bread!!!

Before David's wonky cake was even in the oven he said to me...next I want to try to make bread (!!!) I don't know what has come over him...but I am more than happy to sit back and watch him explore his new interest in baking...and if he likes bread making then he can do that and I can focus on the cakes! 

For a first loaf I am really impressed....heck! For a millionth loaf I'd be really impressed.  He used the end of the Waitrose Love Life Malted Seeded bread flour I bought last month and produced a really lovely loaf.  

We both agreed that next weekend we will buy some special white bread flour (maybe seeded) and see the difference in the dough and the rise and everything...but we both really like this malted flour and will definitely be using it again.  We were really good and let the loaf cool before cutting into it (I love freshly baked bread slathered with butter and jam) and enjoyed it as part of a very posh homemade ploughman's! 

So, I'm thinking about getting David a bread making book for xmas...any suggestions? recommendations? must buys? 


  1. Seriously! You two are the cutest people on earth. I can't wait for you to bake for me in July!!!

  2. His bread looks amazing and so does your ploughman's platter. I kind of squelched my husband's early cooking career by getting too bossy, and now I wish I had been more encouraging. Maybe I'll try to get him interested in bread, that's a win win for us both.
    Also, I'm having a giveaway this week!

  3. AB....awwwww thanks :) I can't wait either...and yeah...we are pretty damn cute!

    Sue...I have to bite my tongue most of the time...stop being so bossy...just sit back and enjoy! hahahhaha...it is tough! :)

  4. How wonderful cake and bread in a fortnight. I agree with Sue, encourage, encourage, encourage!

  5. A cake and now bread, David is a keeper! I have the wonderful Artisan Baker bread book, by Dan Lepard, which is great!

  6. Wow, that ploughman's looks amazing. I'm trying to become a wee bit more interested in bread making myself at the min, so will watch out for future adventures with interest!


  7. Congratulations Davey!!!!!
    I just got this book out of the library and it looks amazing-- lots of breads as well as cookies -- "The Italian Baker: the classic tastes of the Italian countryside" by Carol Field


  8. I agree with AB x