Saturday 12 November 2011

Nigella's Sweet Potato Supper

This meal, although really easy to throw together, is slightly grander than most of our regular Friday night "it's the weekend" kind of grub.

Bright orange sweet potatoes roasted with asparagus, pancetta and cloves of garlic...what is not to love? The recipe comes from Nigella's Kitchen...recipe sadly not basically wash and dry the sweet potatoes, cut them into 1/4s (rounds) and then roast with asparagus spears, whole cloves of garlic (in skin) and cubes of pancetta...all tossed in a few Tbsp of rapeseed oil.  The recipe says to roast it all for 30 mins and then turn sweet potatoes over and put it all back into the oven for another 30 mins.

When it came out the sweet potatoes were tender and caramelised and just gorgeous...the asparagus was wasn't inedible, but it was pretty crispy. I'd say it was down to the spears being too thin for the length of time they were in the oven...or they were in the oven too time (and there will be a next time) I'm going to toss the asparagus in a little oil and add them after the first 30 mins.

This dish is sweet and salty and...crispy, and surprisingly filling.


  1. this sounds delicious, I can't believe I've used that recipe book so much and never noticed it! thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Victoria, I know it's a long way, but I need to come to your house for dinner. This just looks so delicious. I always peel my sweet potatoes, so I'm charmed by the rustic look of this.
    ~~Asparagus seems to cook in a flash, I'd give it less than 30 minutes! Great recipe.

  3. Victoria, this looks so tasty, I think your right about the asparagus, an hour sounds far too long!

  4. Looks very Yummy xx

  5. Yum, I adore sweet potatoes! Although I agree about the length of time for asparagus, what was Nigella thinking? Still looks brilliant though, will deffo be giving it a try! x