Saturday 5 November 2011

Wholewheat Pizza Crust...a Friday night treat!

David and I used to treat our selves to delivery pizza a lot when we lived in Chelmsford.  Sure, it was a treat...but it seemed to happen pretty know, often enough that we started to get coupons mailed to us personally...anyway...once in a while I would make my own dough from scratch, but now that we've moved up here I have been making it more often.  

I remember my mum making fresh pizza dough when I was little...mixing the dough up in the morning, putting it into a covered bowl and letting it rise all day on top of the fridge.  Simple right? how more simple does it need to be? Well...I haven't quite managed to master the making the dough in the morning bit...but in reality pizza dough tends to have more yeast in it than bread it doesn't need more than 45 mins to rise... the door...warm water, sugar and yeast mixed together before even taking off my coat...and then relax for 10 mins (take off coat...unpack bags...etc etc etc.) Once the yeasty water mixture is all frothy you just add it to a couple of cups of flour, with a pinch of salt, and mix...adding a bit of flour at a time until soft and doughy. have a good 45 mins while it rises to get toppings ready...unload the dishwasher...put on a load of laundry...etc. etc. etc. 

Last night I used 1 3/4 cup white flour and 1 cup wholewheat flour to make my dough, and once the dough had pretty much come together in the bowl I kneaded it for about 5 extra mins by know...get that gluten working.  

I wouldn't say the dough doubled in size...but I suspect that was due to the combination of flours. I will say that it was soft and stretchy and...once cooked...really light.  

When I plan on making a pizza I like to buy a jar of spicy tomato pasta sauce (something chunky more than saucy)...I use about half and then freeze then rest for next time...same with pepperoni...use half, freeze half. It might seem a bit stingy, but it means that for about £2.50 I can sauce and meat two pizzas...the rest of the toppings...a few mushrooms and a bit of green pepper were left overs from during the week. For this pizza (number 2) the only thing I had to buy especially for it, was the cheese.  

Thrifty and tasty!


  1. I am a little bit scared of yeast cooking, but I've been thinking about having a bash at pizza dough for a while now...maybe I should take this post as a sign???

    Looks scrummy, as always!


  2. Sounds Delicious !!! xxx feel like I'm there eating it too !!!! x

  3. I haven't made pizza dough since the summer. I should really get in the habit of making it on Fridays. For 25 years we have purchased pizza on Friday. Habits die hard at my house. I do how ever have a packet of pizza dough enhancer that I bought at a baking store and with just a few teaspoons it makes the dough taste like real Pizzeria dough. I need to use it. Have you ever grilled your pizza on the grill outdoors? It's amazing! Your pizza looks delicious and of course anytime it's from scratch only makes it better.

  4. looks yummy Hoia!!!!,,,you're inspiring me to get back into making my own from scratch again!!!


  5. Your pizza really does look delicious, Victoria. You can tell its soft and pillowy from the photo. I have to try to make this, I've been on the verge of trying for months. It's the fresh mozzerella that I never have sitting around, and if I have to go out, the urge to undertake it all is lost. I love that you've got it down science so you can make it after work.

  6. That Pizza is making my mouth water. Can you post me a bit.. Only joking......xx

  7. This looks SO yummy!! I got really into making pizza this summer - I admit I cheated and bought fresh dough... We actually bbq'd it, SO delicious, tastes like it was baked in a wood burning oven. Our secret is for the sauce to use canned San Marzano tomatoes with a touch of salt and that's it.... TO DIE FOR :)