Monday 23 April 2012

Cupcake Bakeoff for the MS Society

Sunday afternoon my fellow cake ladies KateyFiona and I  hosted an afternoon of tasting cupcakes at the totally sweet Sofi's Bar in Leith in aid of the MS Society.  It was wild! With 14 bakers, 160 cupcakes and over 50 people rsvp'd we were expecting a busy day...but the turn out ended up being to the point where some hardcore cupcake judges were actually sitting on the floor! 

Sofi's is a very sweet pub in Leith.  It hosts all sorts of community events and theme nights so we were so pleased when the wonderful Stephi agreed to house our bake off.  (I am not sure she anticipated the crowd either).  Bless her heart, she was so accommodating as we took over her bar space with cake stand and after cake stand of cupcakes and served what seemed like a never ending stream of punters.  

Once the event kicked off there was no stopping us.  Plate after plate of cupcake "samples" were taken around for everyone to taste, and consider...and then after what seemed like hours of cutting, and passing and sampling everyone voted on their faves.  

At one point, not long after everything got started the sound of drums could be heard off in the distance.   As they got louder and louder people ventured outside to see what was going on...I popped out quickly and was met with the fantastic site of a Sikh parade.

We were really fortunate to receive an amazing haul of prizes for bakers as well as some pretty stellar raffle prizes for bakers and tasters alike. I'll just take this opportunity to thank LakelandDough Re Mi CupcakesBon Papillon Cafe, and Cafe Musa for our raffle prizes and CocoCupboard Vintage and Creative Cookware for our baking prizes.  

It must have been hard to judge all these cakes...I actually didn't try any of them (except for the few I bought at the end to bring home) but I can tell you that the vote was very close and required 3 recounts!

3rd place and winner of a totally fab vintage style cake tin was 
Steph's Peaches and Cream Cupcakes 

2nd place and winner of a super sweet vintage tea cup trio set was 
Helen's Crackin' Cupcakes 

And 1st place...and winner of a connoisseur evening at Coco Chocolate...

 Alison's Spring Flower Cupcakes. 

We raised £460.  When Fiona text me Sunday night to tell me I almost fell off my chair.  The event was so busy, and packed, I never stopped to think about how many people were actually there...not to mention how generous everyone was.  

Scotland has one of the highest prevalences of MS in the world, with over 10,500 people living with the condition.  The MS Society is the UKs leading charity dedicated to enabling everyone affected by MS to live their life to their full potential and secure the care and support the need, until we ultimately find a cure.  

A big thank you to Alison from the cake ladies for taking photos...I never managed to get my camera out let alone snap any of the gorgeous cakes!

Right...I'm off for a run (kill me now...)


  1. Congratulations on organising such a worthwhile and wonderful event - the cupcakes look amazing, and what a fabulous sum of money to raise.

  2. Thanks for inviting me to this fab event, and well done on such a successful day! xx

  3. Congratulations to all of you for organizing, baking, eating, judging etc etc....What a great event!!!

    p.s. running???? really??? will there be pictures???


  4. Ohhhhh those cakes look amazing - and what a fabulous cause! Congrats to you and all involved.


  5. Wow, I'm impressed, you should be so proud. Those spring flower cupcakes are awesome.