Tuesday 12 June 2012

Adding a little summer to my life...fresh herbs

The weather is still more autumnal than late spring here in Edinburgh, which means that all the lovely salads and al fresco dining I've been dreaming of the last few months are still on hold.  At this rate, I fear, they will be on hold indefinitely.  To add a little bit of summer to my meals lately I have been using loads of fresh herbs...especially dill (scandi influence) and mint...to boost the flavours and give my food that straight from the garden feeling.  

Tonight's dinner came from Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Great Britain cookbook (a gift from my SIL), a warm salmon salad.  The recipe jumped out at me when I was flipping thorough my book on the plane home from Essex...baked salmon served over buttery new potatoes and topped with a cucumber/yoghurt/herby sauce. In pure Jamie-style the potatoes and salmon are supposed to be piled high on a platter...I couldn't be bothered (plus I would be eyeing up how much David was helping himself to). 

The summery hit was the yoghurt sauce.  It was a bit like a tzatziki without the garlic.  Grated cucumber is added to finely chopped mint and dill, salt and pepper, lemon rind and juice and the some plain greek yoghurt.  It is tangy and fresh and totally perfect with the salmon and potatoes.  

This really isn't a salad (although I am having some leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and they will probably be at room temperature) it is salmon on potatoes with a sauce...but it was perfect.  


  1. YUM!!!! I've made a similar sauce and found that it was also delicious as a veggie dip!!

    Here's hoping you'll get to some summer salads BEFORE your trip to Canada.....


  2. This looks amazing, I find my best recipes on planes!