Sunday 10 June 2012

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...tears of foodie joy

If I cared I would apologise for the over posting of my birthday treats...but I don' I won't.  I have been spoiled and I want to brag about it.  Unbecoming...perhaps...but I know you guys will appreciate what follows.

I've raved and raved about the fantastic foodie scene here in Edinburgh and you would think that after a year of living here I would get used to the fact that the standard is pretty high...and that you can dine out for reasonable prices.  But I am constantly and consistently amazed.  

After our totally indulgent meal at the Honours back in March I set myself the challenge of searching out where David could take me for my birthday meal.  It wasn't tough, really...friends had been raving about this place for yonks...

Finally my birthday weekend rolled around and David and I wandered over to Restaurant Mark Greenaway  at No. 12 Picardy Place.  Mark Greenaway offers a fantastic Market Menu (like a pre-theatre menu) so we made our reservation to take advantage of the deal (3 courses for £20).  The menu, like most set menus, is limited to 3 choices per course, but there is a great selection which include vegetarian options.  The dining room was quiet when we arrived, but soon after a handful of other tables arrived.  I noticed (after eavesdropping and staring) that most of them were there to sample Mark's Great British Menu (he was a contestant in the Scottish heat...and totally robbed in my opinion), 4 courses for £50.  We stuck to the Market Menu and tactically discussed our choices to ensure that we weren't overlapping on the starter and main...and obviously to maximise tasting opportunities. 

You would think that David would be used to me snapping away by now, but he looked somewhat horrified when I took my camera out of my I did him the courtesy of only papping my plates.  Sheesh! 

The starter arrived in a huge black bowl, I might have pinged it a couple of times by accident sending reverberations around the restaurant...but oh well! Ham Hough Terrine with a scallop, apple meringues and warm apple jelly.  David's was presented in a gorgeous copper frying pan, fried duck egg with breaded duck rillettes and a hunk of fried bread.  Neither of us shared...a thing. 

I had been eying up the 11hour slow cooked pork belly for my main, but I really wanted the ham terrine and wasn't feeling the pork on pork so I had the pan fried cod.  It came with some pomme puree and a razor clam shell filled with a clam chowder (clams and veggies) topped with a vanilla foam...but the highlight for me was the fennel and dill puree (that green smear).  It might be my current scandi obsession and a love of everything dill...but, not to sound like a buffoon, it worked perfectly with the cod.  David had the pork belly and I managed to get a tiny taste...drool.  

We both plumped for the same dessert.  We knew that we would...and I knew that I wouldn't be wavering.  Peanut Caramel Cheesecake...I was really lucky to join some friends for "just pudding" a month or so ago and had tasted this heavenly treat then so I knew what I was getting.  It was delicious.  Salty peanut, bitter chocolate and sweet caramel...perfect.  

We passed on coffees and went up to the cocktail bar instead.  This weekend the guys over at The Raconteur cocktail bar (currently sans bar, waiting for new location to open) had a pop-up stint at No. 12 and I thought that it would be the perfect place to toast my cuz and his new bride who were getting hitched in Canada on Saturday.  A Charlie Chaplin and a Brazil Nut and Jelly to round off the evening. 

A very happy birthday weekend to me! 


  1. Happy birthday to you! It looks like a great place - I too regularly shame my husband by photographing my food, he's getting used to it though!!!

  2. Wonderful Post - thanks for sharing -xxx Have a Wonderful year xx