Friday 8 June 2012

Blowing out my candle with cuppies from Cuckoo's Bakery

I had planned to make a proper sprinkled cake for my birthday this year, but one thing lead to another and I found myself in Essex and then travelling back to Edinburgh ON MY BIRTHDAY! The sprinkled cake had to take a rain cheque and I was in danger of being left cake-less and candle-less ON MY BIRTHDAY! I wasn't quite sure how I was going to survive, is a birthday a birthday without cake? without a candle? would my wish still be valid if made on another day? Of course...these are all silly questions but can you really be sure it would have all been alright? 

The cakey-gods must have been listening to my plight...because within a matter of seconds I read that Cuckoo's Bakery would be selling their cupcakes at a local market ON MY BIRTHDAY! Problem solved...

We arrived back in Edinburgh just after lunch on Thursday and after dropping our bags off at home and David off at work (ugh I know) I pottered down to the Stockbridge Market to select my birthday cakes. 

Cuckoo's Bakery has a cake menu of regular cuppies, flavours they almost always have on tap...but often have guest flavours (like Innis & Gunn or White Russian) or one off specialities (hello...Jubilee Sponge).  On Thursday the guest flavours were Peanut Butter Ganache and Coconut Dream.  I knew the PBG was going to be on offer...I knew that I would buy it...and I did.  (I have it on good authority that the coconut dream was divine)

With 6 flavours of cuppies I hummed and hawed a bit over what my other cake would way I was sharing ONE cake with David.  There was Red Velvet, my all time favourite...but seeing as it was technically for my beloved I thought that maybe it should be something different.  And so I went with the Black Bottom (chocolate sponge with cheesecake).  

In the end we shared half each...I know...share.  But, it meant I got to taste both flavours.  They were both the perfect end to my hectic birthday day.  The PBG was moorish, I could have easily have eaten 3 I think.  The icing was smooth and light and there was a decent sized blob of chocolate ganache in the middle of the cake...perfect balance.  The Black Bottom was dense and cheesecakey with the perfect amount of icing on top.  

Cuckoo's Bakery has a stall at the Stockbridge Sunday Market fortnightly and will also be trading at the Thursday Market (check the facebook page for updates).  If you are in town and can't wait till then...visit the cafe on Dundas Street and save a Peanut Butter Ganache for me! 


  1. Is it your birthday perchance? HP darling xx

  2. Happy Birthday Victoria! I would like a coconut dream AND a PBG!

  3. Yum, my daughter and I are in the grip of anything chocolate and peanut butter at the moment, although when I found her with an open jar and a block of dairy milk the other day I knew it has passed into obsession. Were you back in Chelmsford?

  4. hi sweet girl....what a wonderful to spend your the midst of fabulous food and fabulous people....


  5. Swoon! They look so beautiful. And of all the cupcakes in town I love how Cuckoo does their icing the best. I can never replicate that perfect swirl!

    Belated happy birthday to you :)

  6. Well done for finding the best market in town:-) - just a note though - its a SUNDAY market 10am to 5pm. During june through September we are also open on Thursdays noon to 7.30. And we do special Christmas and New year dates so check the web site to find them. Happy shopping:-)