Tuesday 14 August 2012

Afternoon Tea at the Pommery pop up

Last year, by the time I got use the huge influx of people into Edinburgh for the Fringe I had missed out on my chance to go for afternoon tea at the Pommery Champagne Bar.  Last year was my first year as a resident of Edinburgh and I have to admit I found the whole swell of tourists thing overwhelming.  This year...I am prepared for the crowds and noise and slow moving pedestrian traffic.  This year I know the short cuts to where I want to be...and...well I don't actually feel like I HAVE to be out there in the middle of everything.  This year Afternoon Tea at the Pommery must happen.  

This pop up Champagne Bar is open for 3 weeks in the Signet Library on the Royal Mile.  There is a gigantic advertising banner hanging on the building so you can't really miss it, but once inside it feels like you are miles away from the hustle and bustle of the main drag.  

I met some cakey friends for a catch up over Champagne and Afternoon Tea.  I had envisioned tables nestled amongst stacks of books with very little light...the only private library I've previously been too was at the Linnean Society while they were re-cataloguing...so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw just how big the Signet Library is.

We spent a pleasant 2.5 hours chatting about this and that...catching up on vacation happenings and Fringe gossip and, of course, oohing and ahhhing over the food.  The sandwiches were substantial and a great mix of veggie, fish and meat.  The scones were cinnamon, and while the cream wasn't clotted cream I was happy for something slightly lighter this time around (shocking I know).  The cakes and pastries were plentiful and perfectly 2-bite sized.  Brownies, Banana Cake, Caramel Slices, Coconut Blackberry Squares and Phyllo Cream Fruit Tarts.  The service was attentive with offers of fresh tea and coffee, and pitchers of water.

If the Pommery Bar was open all year round it would quickly become a favourite haunt of mine, seeing as it is only open for 3 weeks this year makes it extra special...a summer treat.  


  1. That looks so good! Thanks for the tip. Maybe I can have just ONE glass of champagne ... :)

  2. Lucky you to have returned home JUST IN TIME to enjoy this treat!!!!