Tuesday 7 August 2012

It's the little things...road trip to Rosseau

There are some really cute itty bitty towns within a reasonable drive of my parents' new house.  Last week we took advantage of a slightly overcast day (can't waste beach time) to visit the small town of Rosseau on the northern edge of Lake Rosseau.  This town is small...but since it is the only town around for miles it is pretty happening. 

We wandered around visiting the general store, antique shop, a couple of gift shops and 2 bakeries (one had completely sold out of butter tarts...but offered to put us on the special order list for the next day).  We stopped for lunch at Crossroads Pub and Grill where I enjoyed a gigantic slice of Julie's Famous Carrot Cake...complete with maple syrup drizzle.  




  1. good thing you had some assistance in gobbling down that cake!!!