Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Flour Explosion!

Oh dear...yesterday was a bit of a disaster.  Just a bit of a disaster....nothing too major.

Let me set the scene:

Yesterday I thought that I would be adventurous and try out the DOUGH HOOK on my lovely sturdy TRUSTWORTHY mixmaster.  So....hmmm....what should I make? I've tried my hand at yeast breads and, while they smell so wonderful, the time, effort and finished product (in my case) often is too laborious and dissapointing to bother.  Not to mention that FRESH BREAD from the grocery store bakery is usually cheaper and better than their bog standard sliced bread anyway!!  No no no fresh bread is out of the question...hmmmmmm.....

PIZZA! yum yum yum! perfect and easy dough to make (even by hand...but that is NOT the point) and totally what I was craving for dinner anyway!!! 

We planned on eating late last night as David has treated me to a late-ish lunch in celebration of him finishing his exams and my return to the UK (delayed celebration for me as he has been studying for 2 weeks straight!).  And so, after a late lunch and a 60 minute set of Beatles Roack Band we got down to making the dough for the pizza. 

David was keen to help, and see the mixmaster in all its glorious action.  And so....la la la....I was totally showing off!

"This is how you re-activate yeast David" la la la "Then we add it to some flour in the bowl" la la la "Then we turn on the mixmaster" la la la "I am such a good cook David, I can make pizza dough from scratch...I am brialliant, my mixmaster is brillaint....oh let me add some more flour cause the dough is a bit sticky still...."

oopsie...I was so busy showing off I added the flour when the mixer was on too high a speed and PHWOP flour everywhere!!! you can't even see the cupboards in the picture...the knobs had little flour caps :(

Anyway...after a hysterical laughing fit I ended up finishing the dough BY HAND.  I am pretty sure I saw David hide a little smirk BEFORE he said "Remember when we saw that German Baker on TV? He said that he always did the last bit by hand to give it a made by hand touch??" That, I thought, was sweet of him cause to be fair it was a totally I TOLD YOU SO moment, and he didn't jump on it...Thank you David. 

The finished product was yummy and after I had wiped down the coutertop AND cupboards we enjoyed our pizza in front of the TV...a real PIZZA PARTY!!  And the best bit...is that the dough makes TWO round pizzas!!! So there is enough for David to take for lunch today and for me to nibble on all day long!!


  1. What was on the pizza? it looks awesome

    Did you make the sauce by hand? And about the pizza dough - what is the different between pizza and bread dough?
    Thanks! :)

  2. too funny.....isn't it amazing how a LITTLE bit of flour can get EVERYWHERE??????

    your pizza looks dee-licious...


  3. Beatles Rock Band Eh?
    Rock On.
    Pizza looks Gear Fab!!!

  4. Annon- Ham, Mushrooms, Red Pepper and Cheese. No, didn't make the sauce from scratch. I find it is difficult to get the spices right. Store bought just tastes so much better! As for the difference between doughs....from the recipes I have there is more yeast in pizza dough and less flour than a standard white loaf making it more elastic. But I am not a trained baker so couldn't really give you a scientific answer!

    Annon- flour tends to get everywhere no matter how careful I am! and it was delicious...better cold the next day for breakfast!

    Auntie Lori- Yup we are rocking like the Beatles...Bopping our heads. David's accent is holding us back though :)