Friday, 18 December 2009

Thai turkey pat-teeny pita pockets

Last night's dinner was a result of total inspiration, no recipes, no adaptations, just my brilliance...well ok, perhaps that isn't entirely true...I mean, we are all products of those around us, so I am sure that I have had something like this before...but last night, when I was getting creative in the kitchen it was all me!

What I really wanted to make was Thai CHICKEN burgers...but it is unbelievably difficult to find ground chicken here in the UK (and don't get me started on tukey/chicken bacon).  I haven't built the courage up to ask the butcher in the market yet if they will grind me some, and I don't think that David would be able to understand the need to get the meat grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aid (incredible I KNOW!).  So turkey became the default meat of choice.

Ground turkey, minced ginger, minced garlic, chopped coriander, chopped red chili, minced onion and a squeeze of lemon juice. 

I didn't bother with breadcrumbs or egg...mostly because I didn't have either and also because I had decided to make the patties itty-bitty.  At the store I bought pita pockets for the patties, instead of buns (teehee BUNS) cause I invisioned a sort-of shredded salad-type buffet with pita pockets and turkey pat-teenys spread welcoming David home from work. 

Shredded lettuce, carrots and raw beetroot (the veggie box came yesterday) with chopped tomatoes and thai sweet chili sauce...pita pockets...and mini thai turkey patties (served in a gorgeous bright green Emile Henry dish...thank you Aunt Sandi)

Ground turkey is a little bit dry...I mean it is turkey after all! So I ended up having a good dollop of sweet chili sauce....but yummy nonetheless!! And...even better, they stay in relatively good shape while warming in the oven if your honey is an HOUR late coming home from work! oops!

I would definetly make these again, but next time I'll have to think about some sort of side dish? Suggestions?


  1. A) these turkey burgers look AWESOME and i cannot wait to attempt
    b) your blogs new template is exquisite!!!
    C) the snow is gorgeous!!! you're so lucky to have snow thats so lovely and soft looking, i miss it terribly :(

  2. That is an interesting recipe my children would enjoy eh they come visiting. Great pictures again!

  3. you're welcome V. on the E-H of MY favourites!!!
    you march right into the butcher and TELL HIM WHAT YOU shyness the warrior you are!
    sides for your pitas...roasted corn salad with red peppers/coriander OR your basic yummy coleslaw, even though you've got lots of raw veggies happening...go with the flow...
    Aunt Sandi

  4. P.S. my ultimate beet fave is roasted beet salad...cubed in teeny bites with goat cheese, yes of course, with toasted walnuts and pomegranate arils(seeds) served on arugula with a balsamic vinaigrette....the explosion of beets and cheese and die for.

  5. Lee-defo make the turkey pat-teenys...they were so good!! Thanks for the comments about the new format, i like it to....snow!!! just for you xo

    Sage- Rita, thanks always for you kind comments, let me know if you try them x

    Sandi- ooooo so many great ideas...not sure about the marching to the butcher bit though! xo