Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Sprouts! Sprouts! Everywhere Sprouts!

I love me a brussel fact I love me a whole PILE of brussel sprouts.  Thank God David likes them too! Tis the season for sprouts and I just can't get enough!!  I like them roasted, boiled, steamed, shredded, fried....with bacon, with chestnuts, with other veg....I LOVE THEM!

I especially love them when I am so full of a stupid cold that I can't be motivated to do much more than cook to feel some comfort.  Because I am home alone, all day....I have been left to fend for my sick self...there is no one here to care for me, to cook for me, to hand me Kleenex...just me....lounging in my pile of tissues. 

Today I did manage to pull on some sweatpants and trudge over to the market to get some comfort food for tonight's dinner (solo...David is well enough to go out...I am not...BOO).  Sausages, mashed potatoes and....yup! you guessed it...BRUSSEL SPROUTS!

The easy way out would have been to just throw them in some boiling salted water and let them bubble away.  But, sitting infront of the TV this afternoon, I decided that I would make a brussels recipe of my mum's that she got from Laura Calder's French Food at Home.  There is a great deal of preparation, but doing the majority of that watching mindless television made it easier for my poor snot filled brain. 

First, you separate all the leaves of the brussel sprouts...easily done sitting on the couch (as long as you are prepared to pick bits of sprout off your carpet).  Then you slice up some pieces of bacon and fy those off.  After you take the bacon out of the pan you pop the brussel sprout leaves into the bacon fat in the hot pan and you fry until the leaves have wilted.  And then.....the best add the bacon bits back into the pan!

Sprouts and bacon are old friends so there is no doubt that this will be good.  And, despite my cold...IT IS!

My nose is red and sore and my lips are chapped...I am going to be a fine sight on Christmas...but hey! at least my tummy is happy and I haven't lost my sense of taste quite yet!


  1. I have never cooked brussel sprouts but you sure make look yummy. I will try them in 2010.
    Mappy Holidays!

  2. Rita- hope that when you try to cook them you enjoy them! Bacon or chestnuts are the best additions....i just love them with butter and salt and pepper though! Happy Holidays!!! x