Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sew what?

Last weekend while I was catching up on some of my friends' adventures through the wonder of the blogosphere I was inspired by a sort of homesick blog by my totally artsy and fabbo Australian friend Amanda's post Sewing my way out of the blues and got my creative sewing juices flowing...

Amanda's homesick blues led her to re-fab an old cardi using bits of fabric from other charity shop heap clothes...and I thought WHAT A BRILLIANT WAY to patch up my sad looking moth eaten navy blue jumper!!! My poor jumper, which I dragged my mum and David all over Oxford street to find last Christmas, was devoured by moths some point over the summer and I am just not ready to trash it yet. 

So, with Amanda's inspiration, an old shirt, a bit of thread and my ONLY sewing needle I patchworked my way to a rejuvenated and less moth-eaten looking sweater!

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