Tuesday, 20 July 2010

ottolenghi once again (if it is getting boring for you I am sorry)

I will admit it...I mean it is pretty obvious, but yes...it is true...i am totally and utterly in LUST with Ottolenghi and the gorgeous cookbook Plenty.  I've been waiting for a weekend to try this dish and low and behold...Sunday night was just the ticket!!! It was too hot for a proper sunday dinner this week so I thought that Ottolenghi's incredible looking stuffed onions would totally hit the spot! Paired with a simple green salad this was the perfect al fresco dinner for a steamy summer evening. 

My photo doesn't entirely do the dish justice...it was too sunny and i was too hungry to bother with lighting issues and focus and all that jazz. 

But take my word for it, the stuffing for these onions is delish! Breadcrubs, tomatoes, parsley, green onions and crumbled feta all combined with a bit of oil and then stuffed into par-cooked onion shells...A bit fiddly at first, but totally worth the effort.  I've got some stuffing left over and I think it would be fantastic in some tomatoes!! As with previous Ottolenghi recipes this one was originally printed in the Guardian...and you can find the recipe here! ENJOY!!


  1. no, carry on... I love Ottolenghi... made my version of their merringues recently and they were perfection! x you can see them on my blog here: http://belleaukitchen.blogspot.com/2010/05/sugar-rushottolenghi-meringues.html

  2. I will take your word for it....it looks and sounds delicious....can't wait to try this recipe when my copy FINALLY arrives at the library!