Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pasta alla genovese

I love pasta with pesto.  I love pesto full stop.  Last night I whipped up a simple and delicious summer supper using JUST ONE POT (a total miracle for me!)...This recipe comes together really quickly.  The new potatoes are cut into thin disks and I've used fresh broad beans instead of french beans (that's what I had).  Boil up the pasta, chuck in the potatoes and beans after about 6 minutes and cook until everything is al dente (how posh), then drain and toss with some pesto, a touch more olive oil, salt and pepper, chopped basil and loads of parmesean cheese! YUM YUM YUM. 

This photo doesn't do the vibrance of the pesto and beans justice.  It was so sunny out last night during dinner I had no clue what I was looking at!


  1. I love pesto! a must try recipe!

  2. wow.. looks great. I made some pesto a few weeks back with rosemary and thyme instead of basil... worked a treat!

  3. Cherry...thanks!! hardly clever though! xx

    Sage...Rita, simple easy and yummy!! try it! xx

    Belleaukitchen...oh yum! that sounds great! did you still use parmesean and pine nuts with the thyme and rosemary?? :)

  4. I too am in the midst of mucho pesto love - this looks delish!

  5. Caked Crusader...something about summer and pesto...they both just make me so happy! :)